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Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Hmmm. This one took me longer to finish than most.

Maybe I was getting bored at the constant back and forth, or maybe I just kept waiting for Ava to put her foot down. Possessive Jessie is an understatement. But I did understand him after all. Ava is a smart successful woman and is completely bowled over by her lust for Jessie. Because he is so sexy and good in bed, she loses all reason and let's him get his way over and over. Every time she gave into him I put my kindle down. Literally. Love a strong alpha male, and usually enjoy the females that swoon at their feet, but I need those females to have a little backbone!

I wish there was more drama with The Manor's characters, there was huge potential to create some good stuff there. Overall, I enjoyed it. The sex was steamy goodness, and gentle Jessie is hot hot hot.

And oh yes! No cliffy. Onto the final book of the trilogy. Still love me some Jessie!