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Groupie (Groupie, #1) - Ginger Voight I have two more books to read, but I can give my impressions on this first book. Both the leads in this story are flawed. Flawed is an understatement. Andy is my biggest problem, I kind of want to say she made her bed. The warnings, the signs, the outright dismissal of her by Vanni made me scratch my head thinking "what is she doing?" "Why, does she keep going back?"

Vanni is a dick. He is a liar, and a cheater. But at least he had the guts to say, "I love you in this moment". Little did we all know that's just what he meant. He loved anything that came his way.

So on this very nice cliffhangar, I will withhold further judgement on them both(lol), and...........keep reading.