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Razing Kayne (Walking a Thin Blue Line, #1) - Julieanne Reeves I love a good cop/hero story. Add some suspense and high ratings, and it's on my TBR!

But this one just fell.......flat. And I thought it was too unbelievable at times. I kept waiting for the chemistry between Kayne and Jessica to start, and the fact that he starts calling her "baby" (a major term of endearment) in what seemed like the first week of knowing her was a major turn off for me.

At 50% I was wondering how many more pages I had left and was headed into DNF territory. It was too fluffy sweet giving me major eye rolls. At 65%, I started skimming. I did not care enough about anyone anymore and skipped many pages. And then the ending, where it all wrapped up I had a headache. There was just too much going on.